Research projects

Logtalk started as academic research on programming languages in general and on programming in the large in particular. Nowadays, Logtalk continues to be an active research topic, the subject of regular scientific publications, and is used in research projects at several universities, often as an implementation language in the context of PhD work.

A part of the revenue generated by the commercial services advertised in this site is invested back in Logtalk development. We strive for continuous improvement on all aspects of Logtalk and its ecosystem. We follow up closely advances in logic programming research that can be seamlessly integrated and can be added value for Logtalk users and customers.

We are always open to cooperation with research institutions. We see joint projects as win-win situations, which help us focus development by providing important feedback on the Logtalk language, its libraries, and its development tools. We are happy to provide consulting services, including co-advising students, and help implement required functionality under the assumption that any improvements to Logtalk libraries and tools will be publicly shared under the same open source license used by Logtalk itself.