Diagrams tool

The Logtalk diagrams tool supports:

  • Library loading diagrams
  • Library dependency diagrams
  • File loading diagrams
  • File dependency diagrams
  • Inheritance diagrams
  • Entity cross-referencing diagrams
  • Predicate cross-referencing diagrams
  • Diagrams with links to source code repositories and API documentation
  • Linked diagrams for source code navigation from libraries to entities to predicates
  • Diagrams represented in Graphviz dot language
  • Exporting of diagrams to SVG, PDF, and other formats
  • User customization of diagram details

An example of the use of links to code and documentation, see https://logtalk.org/library/tools_inheritance_diagram.svg

An example of linked diagrams (Logtalk developer tools) https://logtalk.org/diagrams/zoom_example/tools_library_dependency_diagram.svg (click on the zoom icons to navigate)

An example of using the diagrams tool with Prolog (SWI-Prolog library with links to code and documentation): https://logtalk.org/diagrams/swi_prolog_library_entity_diagram.svg

Another example of using the diagrams tool with Prolog (SWI-Prolog pengines module predicate cross-referencing diagram): https://logtalk.org/diagrams/pengines_module_xref_diagram.pdf

For details on the diagrams tool, see https://github.com/LogtalkDotOrg/logtalk3/blob/master/tools/diagrams/NOTES.md