Documenting tools

Logtalk includes two documenting tools, lgtdoc and doclet, and an automation script, logtalk_doclet. The lgtdoc tool exports API documentation files in XML format and includes scripts to convert these files into a final format such as HTML, PDF, or Markdown. The doclet tool can be used to automate the steps to generate API documentation and diagrams for a Logtalk application.

Logtalk documenting directives allows the programmer to represent extensive API information on entities and their predicates including:

  • Entity authors, change date, version, description, and general remarks
  • Parametric entity parameter names and descriptions
  • Entity compilation flags
  • Entity user-defined keys
  • Predicate description
  • Predicate argument types and instantiation modes
  • Predicate exceptions and usage examples
  • Predicate user-defined keys

This information is made available for tools such as lgtdoc using the reflection API.

An example of API documentation in HTML format using the Logtalk iso8601 library:

An extended example using the Logtalk core, library, and tools API documentation in HTML format illustrating the generated indexes:

For details on the lgtdoc tool, see

For details on the doclet tool, see

For details on the documentation automation script, see